An invitation crosses your path. You feel the first tug of interest, a curiosity awoken, a tingle in your body that tells you this invitation is something you are drawn to.  Your heart opens to the unexpressed, yet clearly felt, yearning to follow the trail. Without knowing all of what will happen, you simply respond to the resonance you feel.

Then your analytical mind kicks in and starts asking questions - wanting to know more, wanting clarity on what exactly you are signing up to. A question pops up: “What will I get out of it? “What are the outcomes?”.

As your guides on this journey we can share with you the threads of what we will open for you (Content and Flow).  We lay the wisdom in front of you, we dance together to question into, expand understanding and explore the rich tapestry of information.  Then it is your journey into the Mystery, it is your commitment to opening to the wisdom, to studying and practicing that determines the value you create. We know that each of you will receive gifts and create value specific to your Vision for yourself.

We also recognize the importance of honoring your mind's curiosity about specific outcomes. Below are some capacities that the Immersion will create the openings for.  Please know that these capacities already reside within you - our intention is to awaken them and help you to grow them. You will receive practices and ways to apply each in your personal life, as well as professional contexts, to increase your impact and joy.

  • access to 8 distinct perspectives that offer a spectrum of wholeness when seeking wisdom in multiple contexts
  • deeper connection with self through your time on The Ojo
  • a way to listen to and weave the voices of all Life into the choices that you make
  • a way of listening to the land - your land, the land that calls you - in order to move into deeper co-creative relationship

Please check out the Content and Flow Page for more specific information on focus areas and the flow of the days.