We are two Council Guides sanctioned to offer wisdom from the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge.  We have witnessed the value of the teachings in the lives of so many, including our own.  We hear our world calling out for tools to grow awareness of, and respect for, Self. To listen deeply in the midst of diversity and find ways of tapping Collective Wisdom. To regenerate our knowing that we as humans are inextricably interwoven in the Web of All Life: that we can be at cause in our world, choosing to co-create beauty and partnership and heal the violence and suffering of separation.

We each have devoted many years to the study of the teachings and have a commitment to live into them in our daily lives and work.  Two years ago, we convened a learning circle to explore ways of making the wisdom of this teaching bundle, and specifically The Way of the Council, more accessible in the world.  We have learned much with the help of all who have participated in this exploration and bring this with us to this Immersion.


I am Glenna

From the time I was a little girl, it was crystal clear to me how many stories of separation we grow up with, and the pain and suffering these have created and continue to create in our world. As I grew I discovered how deeply I care about our human capacity to cultivate conditions for Collective Wisdom to arise and inform us as we make choices for our selves, our families, communities, organizations and our world.

I know deep in my bones, that we individually and collectively possess the potential to be consciously at cause and co-create in partnership with All Life. For some of us, this potential bubbles up within, becoming a yearning. It moves us to study different traditions, always seeking the pathways that grow our awareness and response-ableness to meet challenges and see what is needed for wholeness and wise choices.  I am one.

For 25+ years I have supported people developing the skills to engage in Dialogue, see Systems of Thought, and create conditions for Collective Wisdom and Conscious Choices.  Today, I bring all of who I am and what I have learned and remembered, to this program and my work with The Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge and The Way of the Council.  I am inspired and enlivened by the powerful frameworks these teachings offer us for regenerating and living fully into our creative potential and strengthening our impact in the world, both as individuals and collectives.  I am, deeply grateful for this life and honored to participate as a guide for The Power of the 8.



I am Accalia

The natural world has always been a place of deep connection for me. Through my photography, I seek out the essence of the Beauty that I see all around me. I explore the relationship between all things; the way in which all beings work together, consciously and unconsciously to create more wholeness and balance.

When I came to the bundle known as the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, I found myself home. For the wisdom here is intricately woven with an understanding of our connection to all of Life. How we are made of the earth, air, water and fire. How the animals and plants are our brothers and sisters and the importance of our remembrance of this relationship.

In experiencing these teachings in my own healing journey I came to see the power of these tools and their ability to create change. As a Council Guide I am dedicated to bringing forward this wisdom to those who seek it. To support individuals in their yearning to be at cause in the world. To be of service to all of Life that we as Humans can walk in the world creating Beauty and Harmony.