Our purpose for this immersion program is to engage as a vital learning circle focused on building individual and collective capacity to embody and apply Earth Wisdom in service of our personal and professional Work in the World.  Specifically we will engage with:


The Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge

A bundle of teachings dedicated to supporting us in living fully into our infinite potential as human beings in partnership with All Life; specifically protocols and teachings to help us deepen and expand our capacity to work with the Eight Perspectives held in The Way of the Council



The Way of the Council

A framework used by the people to govern, gather wisdom, discern and make wise choices that serve the whole of a system.


Cultivating Conditions for Collective Wisdom

We will explore what happens when we open to, and intentionally engage with, the potential of our human collective consciousness to foster wholeness and beauty vs. separation and violence.

*   *   *   *   *

To hear one of your guides for Power of the 8 speak about the Council Wheel, a primary framework of The Way of The Council,  listen to the video clip below.