We are calling in anyone and everyone who seeks to be the change you wish to see in the world. As a change agent, you are aware that you are the instrument.  Your personal and professional development are essential to creating profound impact and experiencing joy and well-being.

If you resonate with one or more of the following we hope you will honor us by joining us in this deep dive:

-      You see your life and work as a response to the question “What is needed for wholeness within ourselves, our human structures and our relationships with All Life?”

-      You are ready, and eager, to discover the next generation of leadership

-      You are a continuous learner, building capacity to bring your unique gift(s) ever more fully into your life and work

-      You recognize and appreciate the power of accessing diverse intelligences and ways of knowing

-      You work with individuals, groups, organizations and/or communities to access collective wisdom

-      You seek and utilize holistic, systems frameworks that enable humans to work and live together with joy and generosity

-      You know the value of engaging with a vital learning circle