The Ojo is a vital partner with our Circle of Learning. She is the earth and the water, the plants and the animals. She is the essence of all who have walked her trails. From the mesa upon which you can walk the labrynth to the Ojo river flowing through, from the cottonwood trails to the arroyo beyond, there are a variety of landscapes from which you can gather insights into your own journey. 

The gift of this land is that she will nurture you - offering a moment of stillness, a clarity of understanding, a remembrance of your connection to Life.

When we come together as a circle, one of the important aspects of our time here on the land is the work we do with her to create beauty - whether that be building a new fire circle, creating natural flood barriers or structures to stop soil erosion.  She teaches us how to listen to her. She tells us what is needed and with her we co-create a space of healing, a space where the Human can remember what it feels like to be free, to be untethered and yet deeply rooted in Her.

We invite you to visit The Ojo Gallery for a taste of who she is.