Two years ago a group of 20 gathered to begin an open-ended exploration of the Way of the Council. We studied together.  We explored different modalities and ways of creating learning experiences.  We laid a strong foundation of experience. Now it is time to take the next step, to dive deeper, and make these teachings and learnings available to you and others who are working in service of the well being of all Life. It is time to listen as All Life Speaks and discern the pathways of Beauty and Wholeness amidst the disruption in our world. We count ourselves honored to be able to share this work.

In October of 2017 we launch an in-depth Immersion of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge that support the Way of the Council.  Some will join us from the original circle.  Many will come who wish to learn how this Earth-Wisdom can be woven and integrated with their lives and work. Together, as a strong and vital learning circle, and in partnership with the land of The Ojo, we will grow our individual and collective capacity to embody and apply the Way of the Council and the Power of the 8. 

Below are a few words written by two from our circle about their experience and the value of the teachings.


I have been working with Glenna and Accalia and the Ojo Council Circle, learning to understand the Council Wheel and some of the teachings from the Delicate Lodge, for over two years. During my earlier years as an elementary teacher, I developed skills in conflict mediation, but the work with the council teachings has provided a whole new level of possibilities for me as a problem solver with my extended family. When some complex dysfunction began to occur around our long-time family cabin, I was able to listen deeply to each individual concerned, and to quietly guide the others to view the problems we were facing through the different lenses of the wheel. Ultimately we were able to come to a peaceful solution, because I had some new tools with which to approach it. Recently, I had an opportunity to spend some time with another family member who was in deep distress over the loss of his job and the ending of his marriage. Again, I was able to walk with him through the 8 different perspectives of the Council Wheel and find a new level of clarity for his next steps. As I begin to assimilate the wisdom in these teachings, a whole new level of possibilities opens for me to be a transformative agent in my personal world. I am grateful.   



Imagine what would be different if we all had the ability to enhance our experience of life by developing the capacity to see things through different eyes and to draw on the wisdom that is ever present in the universe.  In our busy, over-scheduled lives, we too often accept reality as it shows up for us, operate through perspectives overladen with assumed constraints, and limit our capacity to see because of our own myopia.  As a result, we “keep on doing what we’ve always done, and expect a different result.”  Albert Einstein calls something similar the definition of insanity.

When I first was introduced to the Council Wheel, that’s exactly where I was - in a place where I could no longer see what was right in front of me.  Using the power of the eight, to consider different perspectives and examine things through different lenses, helped bring clarity to a situation that had been troubling and stressful for some time.  Learning how to suspend my own judgment about the situation and the circumstances allowed me to draw on the greater wisdom that surrounds us, if we only take the time to call on it. 

I also experience the Council Wheel from the perspective of the community.  It was amazing to watch as people worked to let go of their individually held points of view and considered and decided on the best way forward for the whole and the community.  



What I found most exciting and valuable about the Council Wheel experience was living within the process (or progress) of my own personal evolution.  I actually experienced myself within the hologram of the collective (tribal) mind, and it was a “first” for me.  Other group experiences I have known in my 78 year lifespan, e.g. family, school, teams, churches, workplaces and other organizations created to serve various purposes have not come close to this experience, which is designed to deliver a uniquely powerful form of decision-making.  The group must be willing to surrender itself collectively as well as individually to an even larger source of wisdom and guidance in order for the phenomenon which I would call something akin to holographic and/or fractal to be experienced.


To hear a few who have participated in a Council Wheel Immersion Weekend, listen below.